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Why StarPro?

StarPro is a cap and foam system that eliminates common problems associated with the standard foil and cotton method. Whether you are a professional or a consumer, your time spent with a typical foil and cotton removal system is long and frustrating and here’s why:

  • After much effort to close the foils tightly they remain loose and tend to slide.

  • Loose-fitting foils contribute to premature acetone evaporation, inconsistent contact of acetone evaporation, inconsistent contact of acetone across the nail and the need to re-apply acetone and soak longer.

  • Customers cannot remove nail treatments from both hands at the same time without help.

  • Soak-off gel polish customers are forced to sit without moving during soak off times for fear the foils will shift or fall off with the slightest movement.

  • Salon clients are often irritated by acetone dripping on them and everything in it’s path. StarPro removes these problems and because of its deeper soaking properties, the nails don’t need to be scraped at all.


Saturate the removal soak-off foam pad with two pumps of acetone or soak-off solution.


Place the pad into the rubber cap.


Place the cap over the fingernail, making sure the foam is covering the entire nail for best results.


Carefully remove the rubber cap while keeping the saturated foam over the nail plate.


Use the foam pad to remove any excess product left behind. You’ll see that little or no scraping is required.

Video Instructions

Why StarPro?

The StarPro Soak Off Gel Removal System